Representative Attitude Versus Business-Mindset


The present blog entry will be an intuitive one. Since I don’t have the greater part of the appropriate responses, I am will suggest some conversation starters to you and let you fill in the spaces. I trust the appropriate responses you concoct are as enlightening to you as it was for me.

Out of 100 representatives working for an entrepreneur, what number of them might want to profit?

Out of 100 entrepreneurs, what number of them need to pay their representatives more cash?

Why does the entrepreneur not have any desire to pay his workers more? In Business 101, they educate: Income – Cost = Benefit

Presently, what are the entrepreneur’s target? To augment or limit benefit?

What is the President’s main duty? To make representative riches?

The Chief’s main duty is to make investor riches, not worker riches.

In the event that the President is not making investor riches, how secure is his occupation?

Things being what they are, we are altogether educated to land a decent position, however what is a business’s, commonly, biggest cost? Finance or representatives.

Presently consider yourself, when you employ individuals to work for you, what amount would you truly like to pay the general population working for you? A great deal or a bit?

Much the same as you, what’s an entrepreneur think when he composes that check on the off chance that you are salaried or you are hourly? He’s reasoning, “I wish this was a littler sum.”

What number of entrepreneurs are endeavoring to bring down costs? How frequently would they say they are attempting to do it?

90% of individuals are workers and 10% of individuals are entrepreneurs. 90% of the general population are working for 10% of the general population and who’s getting rich?

How did this happen?

All things considered, in the event that you backpedal to the 1900s, preceding the mechanical upheaval, when individuals came here from Europe to America, they didn’t come here searching for a great job. What did they come here for? Opportunity. Before 1900, everyone was essentially independently employed or had their own particular business. Everyone worked for themselves.

However, what occurred amid the modern upset? The industrial facilities and after that corporate America, they every required worker. Along these lines, at that point the colleges began developing and individuals began setting off for college and we were shown this representative mindset.

Consider this, what number of individuals leave school prepared to begin their business? Many individuals set off for college and get a business degree and after that turn out knowing how to run another person’s business. They turn out with the mindset of running another person’s business, yet not their own.

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