Disposable plastic glove making machine


Two Layers Disposable Plastic Glove Machine
It took our company many years to research and develop this machine. As absorbed the advantages of same products at home and abroad, it is domestically initiative and full automatic plastic foam disposable glove product line. It allows to separate automatically finished products from waste materials during the production process, and delivers the qualified products based on their counting,makes the workers bag. Box and pack easily. One machine only needs one operator and can reach a speed of over  100  pieces per minute with the advantages of a long,continuous working time,high production and low labor cost. The machine also can make foam finger cots as well as all kinds of special shape plastic products according to the customer’s needs. 

2.It is suitable for all kinds of moulds, easy operation. 

 disposable plastic glove machine disposable plastic glove machine

Main Technical Variables:
LinesWidth of Glove making:260mm;

Length of Glove making: 280mm;
Speed of bag-making:100-140pcs/min;
Power of motor:1.5kw;
Power of electric-thermal:4kw;
1200Outline dimension(L*W*H):2800*1100*1500 mm;
Kinds of Material:HDPELDPE, PP

This machine can change design to 
Disposable Animal Obstetric Plastic Glove Machine

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